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For over 50 years, Fahmy Furniture has been furnishing the homes and offices of Oman with comfort and style. We started our journey in 1973 as a small retail store in Ruwi, and today, we're a leading provider of high-quality furniture for every room. Our commitment to exceptional service and a curated selection ensures you find the perfect pieces for your needs. Whether you're searching for elegant bedroom sets, inviting living room furniture, stylish dining sets, functional office furniture, or must-have accessories, Fahmy Furniture has it all. We cater to a variety of tastes and budgets, offering both modern designs and timeless classics. With Fahmy Furniture, creating a haven that reflects your unique style is effortless.


Fahmy Furniture

Sh. Said Saleh Al Hinai

Managing Director, Fahmy Furniture

A Legacy of Comfort and Style: Sh. Said bin Saleh Al Hinai, Chairman & Managing Director

At the helm of Fahmy Furniture's enduring legacy stands Sh. Said bin Saleh Al Hinai, Chairman & Managing Director. Since 1973, Sh. Said's vision and leadership have guided the company's growth from a small retail store to a leading provider of high-quality furniture for homes and offices across Oman. His unwavering commitment to exceptional service and a curated selection of furniture ensures that every customer finds the perfect pieces to create their dream living spaces. Sh. Said's dedication to quality and innovation has established Fahmy Furniture as a trusted brand synonymous with comfort and style. Under his guidance, Fahmy Furniture has consistently adapted to evolving trends and customer preferences, thus, remaining at the forefront of the furniture industry in Oman


Fahmy Furniture

Muadh Saif Al Hinai

General Manager -
Retail operations

Muadh Al Hinai, General Manager of Retail Operations, spearheads Fahmy Furniture's commitment to exceptional customer service. At the helm of our Oman showroom, Muadh fosters a welcoming and knowledgeable environment where every customer receives personalized attention. His team provides expert product selection advice, design consultations, and seamless after-sales support. Muadh prioritizes customer comfort and satisfaction, ensuring a successful furniture shopping experience from start to finish.

Fahmy Furniture

Faris Said Al Hinai

General Manager -
Corporate Sales & Contract

Faris Said Al Hinai leads the charge in providing exceptional corporate sales and contract solutions at Fahmy Furniture. With his extensive experience and strategic vision, Faris plays a key role in furnishing and equipping businesses across Oman. He fosters strong relationships with corporate clients, understanding their unique needs and exceeding expectations through customized furniture solutions. Faris's commitment to quality, efficiency, and on-time project completion ensures a seamless experience for all our corporate partners.


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